Elena Semyonovna (=Semion, =Simon)  "Polovykh"-Kordik (?Derzhavin/Budyonnyy branch)



из слободы Половица (буд. Екатеринославль)? How to prove ?!



1st marriage: Trubetskoy (von Trauben)

2nd marriage: Platon Fyodorovich Kordik (?1903-?1943).

Children: after 1st marriage: Ivan Kordik (Kiyevka, StavroPoulos Area, 1925-?1941/44), 

after 2nd marriage: 1. Grigoriy Platonovich Kordik (Zakavkazsk Village, Rostov Area (in Passport), 29.09.1928- ),

2. Raisa Platonovna Kordik (Ternov Village, Rostov Area, 26.02.1931-30.04.2005 - diagnosis: cancer), her husband - Mikhail Sergeyevich Kovshar'; their daughter - Elena Mikhaylovna Kovshar' (Orlovskiy Village, 05.03.1968- ), her husband - Andrei Orekhov (divorce), their son - Artyom [=Artem] (see the Vorontovs).

3. Georgiy Platonovich Kordikov (Zakavkazsk Village*, Rostov Region, 27.06.1938- ).

*It was burned by chekists. Between the First and Second World War the family changed many villages - lived in Krasnodar Edge Region, Rostov Area and StavroPoulos Area. Too many (?hunger, ?hided). There is information about the Kordik couple living at the Greek Kiyevskiy (=Kiyevka) Village (StavroPoulos Area) - settlers from ?Ukraine (?the end of XVIIIc., ?XIXc.).


If somebody knows something... 

(there is a mention in the literature about Ivan Platonovich Golub' (=Trauben, =Trubetskoy))


Brothers/Sisters: Gavrila Semyonovich 'Budyonyy'* (he and later his family were exiled to Kazakhstan), Yevdokiya Semyonovna

* С.М., Г.С. из Будённовской, Будённовска.

Gavrilo, Gabriel


Father: Semyon (=Simeon, =Simon) Mikhaylovich Budyonyy (1883-1973) (the Mikhail branch, no confirming documents - only old geographic names on maps).

His children from 1st wife: ... 

His children from 2nd wife: ...


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