My Family

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В тёмные времена трудно уйти в тень

Вот такие пироги - I can play 1, I can play 2...


young social mobile Lady wants to have the spouse and the family


Medicine in Asia appeared to make a human by the Human...

Why not to try? Step by step, since 1990?

Life, ancestral blood* (=HEALTH) and personality as well as mutual relations and kids (=FAMILY) - first

(всё остальное - дело наживное)


*the House of Polignac (рисунок ладони -поверят дактило(мануало)скописты)

   the papillary picture of the right palm (not bad hereditary character in the evolutionary development of two related lineages)

Key word: Cherish


consort each other

our probable (extreme) hereditary variations

Familie Plannung

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