Sixtine Madonna (six fingers). Find from* six figures

English Humor. Specially for Dresden


Передаётся ли горб (Harbat) по наследству?

(How to pass** the hump in right of succession?)


You are “Boring”!

- You are “Boring”!

- No. I am not boring.


- You are “Boring”!

- No. I am not boring.


- I am sure. Y O U   A R E   “B O R I N G” **! It means the inbreeding in our line took place several times.


* Compare: "Find of six figures" (25th Kazakh & English cadre)

** Russian Interpretation-explanation: The colleague comes from the Philipp I "der Grossmüthige" of Hesse-Kassel (1509-67) ancestry.

For the descendants see HERE


Alexandra Rosset. 3 in 1


**"transfer" for T.V.

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